Blogging: A Motivating Way for Your Students to Communicate with Each Other and You (Cora Roush, Spring Grove)

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to create a blog for your students to communicate with each other and you. You will discover many different blogging tools and techniques to use in your classroom (classroom management, collaboration, discussions, electronic portfolios, etc.).

Assignment: Prior to the workshop, please create a list of categories that your students will be learning next school year. Add subcategories of topics about which you would like in-depth class discussions.

- Introductions
- Discussion
What is your experience with blogging?
Have you seen it used? Have you used it?
Do you follow and/or contribute to any blogs? If interested, check out the Top 100 Education Blogs
Is there anything in particular that you would like to learn and/or accomplish in this workshop?
- Check out a few different Ways to Use Blogs in Your Classroom
- Discussion, cont.
What new ideas have you gotten?
Do you have any other ideas to add to this list?
- Explore a few of the many blooging tools out there. Each person will be assigned to one of the following links and will be asked to share what (s)he has discovered with the class: What are some of the positive features of this blooging tool? Any negative features?
Edmodo - a free, education-based blogging website that is formatted similar to Facebook (a major motivator for getting students to want to use it)
Check out the video What We Do to see the many different things you can do.




Class Blogs

Word Press


21 Classes

10 Ways to Use Your Edublog
9 Steps to Set Up Your Class Blog (Scroll to Bottom of Page)
Tutorial on How to Use Edublogs

- Time to set up your own blog! Use the information provided by your classmates to select your blogging tool of choice and explore!