Getting Started

  • Complete the Just Like Me survey.
  • What are your goals? Begin an action plan to use throughout the week. Work on your own or with a partner to brainstorm personal and professional goals for the day/week. Action Plan Template

Managing Technology Use

Depending on equipment and curriculum, the management of technology is one that must be explicitly planned for.
  • Individual
  • Centers
  • Activities
  • Project Based Learning
  • Roles and Responsibilities - Read this article and be prepared to discuss.
  • Physical Space (Floor Planner)


What skills/strategies are important for the students in the grade level you teach? We will use this as a focus as we review sites, activities and technology tools.


What does technology use in the classroom like? We will work together to define transparency as it relates to the use of technology. (Frayer Template)


  1. Considering the skills and strategies from the NETS*S, preview 3-5 tools from the software tools below. Pick 2-3 and add them to your action or implementation plan.
  2. Review the hardware tools and determine if any are necessary to accompany the ideas you have generated.
  3. Read through the Tips from the Classroom for suggestions for success. Contribute your own tips using the Tips for the Classroom form. (See the sharing here.)

Software Tools

Tools Worth Noting

  • Click here to see how various tools support the NETS standards. Consider whether or not you agree with the choices. You also might find something new that your students can utilize.

Collaborative Projects

Write Your Story
Monsters Project
View From Our Room


  • How to screenshot? A screenshot or screen capture is an image taken by the computer to record the visible items displayed on the monitor or another visual output device. Here is a free screenshot program - MW Snap.

Hardware Tools

Financial Help

Donors' Choose (Create Projects You Would Like To Have Funded, Donors Donate To Fund Projects)
Digital Wish(Click Here To Learn How Digital Wish Started)

Tips for the Classroom

Thinking about managing technology implementation...Check out the articles below and think about what might work for your classroom!

Student Information Resources

  • Brainpop Jr. (Free Video About Internet Safety)
  • Brain Pop (Free Videos on Internet Etiquette, Blogs, & Digital Animation)

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